will be hosted on Wednesday, 10.25.17 at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, Illinois.  

Attending Colleges Choices 2017

​Updated 9.22.17

  1. Beacon College
  2. Bowling Green State University, FLY Program (Falcon Learning Your Way) 
  3. Bradley University, Student Access Services
  4. Central Michigan University, Student Disability Services
  5. Chapel Haven
  6. Cinncinati, University of, Accessibility Resources
  7. College Internship Program
  8. College of Lake County
  9. Colorado-Boulder, University of, Disability Services
  10. Columbia College of Chicago, Services for Students with Disabilities
  11. Concordia University Wisconsin, Bethesda College
  12. Curry College, Program for the Advancement of Learning
  13. Dayton, University of, Office of Learning Resources
  14. Dean College, ARCH Learning Community
  15. Denver, University of,  Learning Effectiveness Program
  16. Eastern Illinois University, Office of Student Disability Services 
  17. EDGE Learning and Wellness Collegiate Community
  18. Edgewood College Cutting Edge Program
  19. Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy at Elmhurst College
  20. Harper College Access and Disability Services
  21. Harper College Career Skills Institute 
  22. Illinois @ Chicago, University of, Disability Resource Center
  23. Illinois @ Urbana-Champaign, University of, DRES
  24. Indianapolis, University of, BUILD
  25. Iowa, University of, Student Disability Services
  26. Kirkwood Community College
  27. Landmark College
  28. Life Development Institute, Emerging Leaders Summer Academy and Life Development Institute's Residential Program
  29. Lincoln College, Disability Services and ACCESS program
  30. Loras College, Lynch Learning, Enhanced Program, ARCH Program
  31. Mansfield Hall
  32. Marquette University
  33. Michigan State University, Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities
  34. Middlebridge School, Bridge Program
  35. Minnesota Life College
  36. Missouri, University of
  37. Mitchell College, Bentsen Learning Center and Thames@Mitchell
  38. Mount Saint Joseph University, Project Excel
  39. Muskingum University, The PLUS Program
  40. Northeastern Illinois University, Students with Disabilities Services
  41. Northern Iowa, University of
  42. Northern Michigan University
  43. Oakton Community College, Access and Disability Services
  44. Options for College Success
  45. Options:  Transitions to Independence
  46. Ozarks, University of the, Jones Learning Center
  47. P.A.C.E. at National Louis University
  48. Personal Success Program at the College of Lake County
  49. REACH at the University of Iowa
  50. Shepherds College
  51. Southern Illinois University, Achieve Program
  52. St. Ambrose University
  53. St. Olaf College, Academic Support Center (Disability and Access)
  54. Vista Life Innovations, Discover Program; Engage Program; Exploring Independence; Connect
  55. Western Illinois University, Disability Resource Center
  56. Wisconsin-Madison, University of, McBurney Disability Resource Center
  57. Wisconsin-Milwaukee, University of, Accessibility and Resource Center
  58. Wisconsin-Oshkosh, University of, Project Success
  59. Wisconsin-Whitewater, University of, Center for Students with Disabilities